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Monday, March 19, 2018


After getting engaged, one of the first things I started thinking about planning wise, was how to ask my bridesmaids to be apart of the big day!  I had always liked the idea of doing a Bridesmaid Box, but wasn't huge on the different pre-made ones I had seen around on the internet.  I decided to put together my own boxes based on inspiration from Pinterest! 






Granite Rose Custom Gift Boxes 

I chose these boxes from WhiteConfettiBox because they are the perfect size and the design instantly caught my eye!  This company has a variety of other designs as well.  The boxes are a 9" x 4" White Gloss Round Hat Box with a Custom 8" x 8" Label on the lid!  They can be filled with 2oz of White Crinkle Paper.  I removed about half of the fill from each box to get all of my items to fit best!  The box is $13 unfilled or $14 filled.

Granite Rose Custom Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid Card 

I decided on these cards from WhiteConfettiBox because they matched the box that I chose!  They are printed on one side leaving a blank back to include a little note if you'd like. (I definitely did)  There are a few different options as far as wording goes - "Will you be my..." or "Thank you for..."  & you can choose a white, pink or gold envelope!  These cards are $4.50.

Gold Act Surprised Maid of Honor Proposal Card

I picked out this card from BubblyAndBash in addition to the matching Maid of Honor Card, because I knew that Sam would see the Maid of Honor Position coming!  She has been helping me with all things wedding related since the beginning - including putting together the Bridesmaid Boxes!  This card is available in Gold, Rose Gold & Silver and can be made for a Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Jr. Bridesmaid, Bridesman, Man of Honor or just left blank!  It was $3.75 and includes an envelope of many different color choices!

Glitter Champagne Bottles DIY

I personally made these glitter champagne bottles using Mini Champagne Bottles from the liquor store (Cooks Brute that come in a 4 pack for $6.99), Mod Podge Gloss (8oz for $4.47), Champagne Extra Fine Glitter (4oz for $9.52), Blush Extra Fine Glitter (4oz for $9.52), Gold Fine Glitter (2oz for $3.99) & a 1" Foam Brush (4 pack for $3.00).  

- I started from the bottom and worked my way up the bottle - I brushed on a decent amount of Mod Podge in an uneven pattern.  If you'd like to have straight lines of glitter that is also easily achievable but I was going for a more blended look.  
- Next, over a box, I sprinkled the Blush glitter onto the Mod Podge and set it aside to dry.  
- 5 to 10 minutes later I repeated the same steps but with the Gold Glitter.  
- Another 5 to 10 minutes later I once again repeated the steps with the Champagne Glitter.  
- Let them dry overnight.  I would recommend doing some type of sealer over the top, because mine definitely shed glitter!

Heart Shaped Rose Bathbomb

 I chose this bath bomb from Lush because I am Bath Bomb Obsessed!  Who doesn't like to just relax in the tub with an amazing smelling bath bomb?  Unfortunately this one is no longer in stock on their website, but I did find a Pink Heart Shaped Rose Bathbomb instead of a White one, It is $6.95.  I also found a Rose Petal Steamer Tab that is $2.95

Maid of Honor / Bridesmaid Date Stemless Wine Glass DIY

My friend Sam actually helped me put together these Stemless Wine Glasses using her Circuit!  We used 15oz Stemless Wine Glasses (4 for $12.97), Gold Vinyl (10 12"x12" Sheets for $12.99) & then stuffed them with Soft Pink Tissue Paper (8 Sheets for $1.25).

Blush/White & Gold/White Striped Paper Straws

I had absolutely no reason behind choosing these straws other than that I thought they were cute!  The Blush/White Striped Paper Straws (25 Pack for $1.00) and Gold/White Striped Paper Straws (25 Pack for $1.00) looked perfect in the box!

Gold Knot Ring & Rose Quartz Heart

I chose this Gold Knot Ring because I thought they were gorgeous!  They are dainty, simple and a huge hit with my Bridesmaids!  They were $24.95 and are also perfect for when Joshua & I "Tie The Knot".  I chose the Rose Quartz Heart because it is thought to encourage unconditional love and restore trust and harmony in relationships.  It is thought to purify and open the heart to all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.  I wanted all of my Bridesmaids to know how much they are loved.  These hearts were $3.33 each.

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