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Monday, January 1, 2018


I woke up this morning thinking that all of this was just a dream, until I looked down at my hand and saw my ring and it became real.

I remember when Joshua and I were 17 & 18 years old, driving around in his Jeep.  At the time we were just the best of friends, but I would always tell him "I'm going to marry you one day!"  From the moment I first met him, I had an instant crush on him.  He was the sweetest, cutest guy I had ever met.  At that point in time, it seemed like it was only in the cards for us to be great friends. 
You can read more about that here

On December 31st, I thought that we were just out shooting with my good friend Julie, but little did I know that there was a huge surprise waiting for me!  Joshua had called her on Friday (Dec. 29th)  afternoon telling her that he needed her help making my dreams come true.  She asked me if Josh and I would be down to do a little New Years Eve Couple Session since she had rented a nice lens for the weekend and wanted to take full advantage of it.  Naturally I was all for it, but I didn't think Josh would be!  When I woke up on the 31st, he was in a pretty crabby mood, so I texted Julie letting her know that I didn't think he was going to want to do it (not knowing that this was all apart of a bigger plan).  He ended up deciding that he would tag along since he "had nothing better to do."

Julie asked Joshua to step out of the frame so that she could snap a few pictures of my outfit.  At that point I was a tad annoyed because it was NEGATIVE 5 Degrees outside & I thought we were just doing a quick couples shoot!  Although I wasn't really in the mood, I let her take the pictures and then she asked me to rejoin Josh, who was standing off to the side behind me.

I turned around to the biggest surprise of my life, and at first I had NO idea what was going on!  I was not expecting any of this and was completely shocked.  I just saw Joshua down on one knee and then it hit me, he was making my dreams come true!  After a handful of phrases, "WHAT THE FUCK!"  "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?" "OMG BABE, IS THIS REAL?!" I heard the question it seems like I have been waiting my entire life for, "Jordan Renie Gahler, will you marry me?" and let me tell you, the ugly cry was real!  I pulled it together quite quickly, and ran over to him. I am STILL on cloud nine! 

I cannot contain my excitement, I'M GOING TO BE MRS. COULTER! 
This was such an amazing way to end 2017 & begin 2018.
Baby, if you're reading this, you did AMAZING! 
I love you so so much & I cannot wait to be your wife! 

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