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Monday, November 28, 2016

Controversial Parenting

I have been wanting to share this blog post for awhile now, but have been hesitant due to judgement.  I originally wrote this a little while ago and finally decided to revise and publish it with hopes that this remains a judgement free and friendly environment.  This is my blog and I had full intentions on being an open book here without holding back, so here we go!  This is the Controversial Parenting Tag and my viewpoints on the following topics.

I am PROCHOICE.  Although I personally know that I would never be able to go through with an abortion, that doesn't mean that another person can't/shouldn't.  There are so many different circumstances in life when it may be the best choice for someone to terminate their pregnancy.  Maybe they aren't ready or maybe they have been sexually assaulted and a pregnancy was the outcome.  That choice is not for me to make, therefor I will not jude another for making that decision.

I personally DO baby wear.  I think that it a great option, and has made my life so much easier!  Both of my boys loved to be held, which made getting things done next to impossible.  They also liked to fight sleep, and baby wearing was a wonderful solution to that problem.  I know that it's not for everyone, but we personally loved it when the boys were younger!  Now that they are bigger, I don't baby wear anymore.

I am STILL ON THE FENCE about circumcision.  Kane & Braxton are both circumcised, but now that its already been done, the topic has come up more and I've researched a bit more.  Obviously it cannot be reversed, but it is something I will be really thinking about if we were to have another boy.  It just gives me an uneasy feeling and I don't know how to feel about it.

I absolutely LOVE adoption!  I think that it is amazing and such a great option for women that become pregnant and are not ready to care for their child.  I have never really thought about personally adopting, but all the more power to those who do! 

This one is easy - BOTH!  With Kane, I didn't know much about breastfeeding and didn't have the best guidance/support system.  I pumped what I could until I dried up completely at 3 months postpartum, and then switched solely to formula.  That journey made me so much more appreciative of formula, because I was unable to provide for him.  With Braxton, we have been breastfeeding for almost 13 months now, and it is such an amazing bond.  There have been times we have supplemented with formula when my supply was low and didn't have any expressed milk to leave for him while I was away.  I won't bash on another for their decision one way or another, I've been in both positions.

I can't say that I lean any particular way on this.  We have allowed the boys to Cry It Out, but not until they were near a year old.  Leaving my boys to cry alone absolutely breaks my heart, but there have been times that I knew putting them in their crib and walking away was the best option so I didn't lose my cool.  Surprisingly enough, they would cry for a minute or two and then fall asleep.  Everyone has their own opinions on letting their little ones Cry It Out, and I personally will let my children (around the age of one) Cry It Out for a short period of time when all other options have been explored.

I can count on one hand the amount of times I've spanked Kane, and I have never spanked Braxton.  There have been 3 separate instances that I felt it was necessary - twice when he has intentionally injured Braxton out of spite and once just the other day when he decided to call me a Bitch... (still not sure where he learned the word, because despite using swear worlds, neither Joshua or I use that one)  I really don't like the idea of spanking, but in the heat of the moment I have spanked Kane - not very hard and honestly thinking back I wish I hadn't.  

I personally DID co sleep & LOVED IT - for the most part!  When the boys were first born, I loved having them right next to me.  I felt like they slept a lot better when they did & it made breastfeeding Braxton in the middle of the night so much easier!  As they got older, I coslept more out of habit and because they preferred to be in our bed, but started transitioning them to their own bed so I could sleep better.  They were both sleeping in their own beds by the time they turned a year old.  Braxton still ends up in our bed once in awhile if we fall asleep breastfeeding, but thats about it! 

I really don't have a preference in schooling, but my kids also aren't of school age yet.  They both go to a Montessori school for a few days a week right now, more for socialization than anything else.  I personally like the one they go to because it is very small but they learn while they are there! 

This is a hard one to talk about, especially with how judgmental some people are.  I think that this is a decision that should be left up to each parent to make.  I have done my research both ways and understand each sides argument and reasoning behind their choices.  I don't necessarily think that every vaccination on the current recommended schedule is necessary and to an extent may even be a tad excessive. I have spent the last 3 years researching vaccines and feel comfortable with our decision.  The boys are currently on a delayed schedule.

We personally shy away from medicating the boys.  We prefer to let them fight their fevers off naturally - to an extent.  If it has been going on for an extended period of time, or is really high, we will give them Motrin.  Kane has never taken an antibiotic in his entire life and is actually really healthy for the most part.  Braxton has had to one round of steroids for struggles with Reactive Airways Disease as well as one round of antibiotics for a persistent ear infection.  We strongly believe in the chiropractor and going the natural route to boost their immune systems - they take multivitamins, probiotic and Vitamin D daily! 

We have tried both routes!  I absolutely loved cloth diapering ... when I only had one child in cloth diapers and before Kane got older.  Once Kane got beyond a year and a half, we started experiencing leaks.  On top of that I was washing diapers for two kids, now almost triple the diaper laundry because I has a newborn.  I finally got fed up and frustrated and threw in the towel and we are back to using disposable diapers!  I wish the cloth would have worked out for us though, because they are so stinking cute! 

With Kane I personally made all of his baby food!  I think I did it more for fun than anything.  At the time I was seeing a ton of posts about bad baby food on Facebook, so I just decided to make it!  I had a blast doing it, but once I had two little ones, I just didn't have the time!  When it was time for Braxton to start solids, I actually found an awesome brand of frozen organic baby food that had absolutely no additives in them at all!  They are called Yummy Spoonfuls Frozen Organic Baby Food and I was OBSESSED! (& so was Braxton!)  I felt good about giving him that kind of baby food over any other kind and it was a healthy compromise to not having time to make my own!  

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