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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14th - 20 Weeks - We're Officially Half Way!

We have officially made it to the half way mark, and I can't believe how fast time is going! I swear it was just yesterday that I was telling Joshua Baby #2 was on the way.  I am getting a bit emotional over how fast it is going.  I know after this I want to wait a few years before we try for another.  Today we had an ultrasound appointment, and Braxton's heart rate was strong at 147 beats per minute.  Everything looked great and we can't wait for our next appointment.  We are happy to share that Braxton is still a BOY!

Starting weight with Braxton: 123 pounds
Weight Last Week with Braxton: 135 pounds {+12 pounds}
Current weight with Braxton: 135 pounds {+/- 0 pounds}

Weight: I am still unhappy with my weight gain, but happy to have gone a week with no weight gain.  I have upped my protein intake, and have been having smaller "meals" more often.  I have also started eating a lot more fruits, and going out to eat a lot less.

Sleep : Kane is back to sleeping through the night {for the most part} again, so that means I am FINALLY starting to get some much needed rest.  I feel like I am finally starting to get some additional energy.

Movement : I still haven't felt any big kicks yet, but I have been feeling plenty of little kicks and movements throughout each day.

Food Cravings : Lately I have been craving Tea, fruits and Twix candy bars.  I have been trying to use these fruit cravings to my advantage in eating healthier!

Mood : Emotional, but trying my absolute hardest to keep those emotions under control.  I hadn't had an anxiety attack this entire pregnancy up until Sunday afternoon.  Other than that I have been a lot happier! 

Stretch Marks : No new ones still, but I feel like some of my old ones are really starting to come back strong.  I have been using my stretch mark cream in hopes to keep them from getting too out of control.

Belly Button : Still in at this point.

Best moment this week : Coming home after a weekend of camping to my more than happy little man that was so excited to see us!

What I miss : No anxiety attacks.  I absolutely hate them, and hope they don't start coming back again.

What I'm looking forward to : Our next checkup and hearing little mans heartbeat again.

Upcoming Appointments & Events : 
- Checkup with my Midwife on Tuesday July 28th

Thank you all for following our journey as a young family!  It is so amazing to have such a supportive group of people behind us.

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