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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7th, 2015 - 19 Weeks Down, 21 More To Go!

Now that I have finally started to get a bump, I decided it is time to start doing my weekly bump boards!  I have been really behind with keeping everyone updated about how this pregnancy has been going. {I told myself I would document this pregnancy well because I didn't as well as I had wanted with Kane. We can all clearly see how well that has been going.} I definitely underestimated how much work chasing after a one year old while growing another little one would be.

For anyone that just recently started following this pregnancy journey, here is a quick update! 

My last period was February 14th.
My possible dates of conception were March 4th & March 7th.
I had my first positive pregnancy test on March 25th.
My first appointment with my Midwife was April 15th.
I estimated my due date somewhere between November 21st to 28th.
My first ultrasound put my due date at December 5th, 2015.
My second and third ultrasounds put my due date at December 1st, 2015.
We found out we are having another BOY at 15 weeks, we are naming him BRAXTON.

Now that we are all caught up, its time to start my first bump board!  I will reference my pregnancy with Kane throughout my bump boards just to compare my pregnancies for fun.  I will also be posting some bump photos and general updates about how we are doing! {After this week I will be taking the picture in the same outfit each week & I have to get a board!}

Starting weight with Kane: 135 pounds
Weight with Kane at 19 weeks: 135 pounds {+/- 0 pounds}
Starting weight with Braxton: 123 pounds
Current weight with Braxton: 135 pounds {+ 12 pounds}

Symptoms with Kane: Round ligament pain, Heartburn & Mood Swings
Symptoms with Braxton: Heartburn, Mood Swings, Food Sensitivity & Exhaustion

Weight: I am pretty unhappy with my weight gain.  Although my midwife is happy with the amount that I have gained, we talked about a healthier meal plan that will hopefully help me overcome my insecurities with the excess weight.  I understand that I started off weight much less than I did with Kane, but its still hard on me and I'm not sure why.

Sleep : It has been pretty non existent lately.  I finally had Kane in a good routine of sleeping through the night in his own crib! {Sometimes waking for a comfort bottle once before I go to bed}  It had been so nice to finally be sleeping good again, but now he is back to waking up around 2AM to "hangout."  I have been exhausted! 

Movement : Although I haven't felt any big kicks, I have felts A TON of flutters, hiccups and little movements.  This is a HUGE change for me! {Kane had a forward placenta, resulting in me feeling little to no movement!} I have to admit, it has been pretty amazing! 

Food Cravings : Chocolate, Fruit, and Sonic Strawberry Limeades!  Literally anything with colocate, you might as well just hand it over.  ESPECIALLY SMORES!! I want to eat just about everything in sight, but I am trying to hold back.

Mood : Emotional. Currently bummed out because I can't find a swimsuit that doesn't make me feel like a whale to save my life.  I have been beyond emotional this time around, and moody. {Joshua, if you're reading this ... I'm sorry! Bear with me, I promise this crazy emotional dragon lady with 3 heads won't stick around forever!}

Stretch Marks : No new ones, yet! Some of my old ones are starting to get a little more purple again.

Belly Button : Still in at this point, but is starting to make its way to a "pop"

Best moment this week : Spending time with my family and watching Kane play with all his new toys from his birthday! He was spoiled beyond belief, and I love watching him explore and learn how to use his new things! 

What I miss : Being skinny.  I have been struggling a lot with my weight gain.  It is really starting to bum me out, but at least its for a good reason!

What I'm looking forward to : Spending the weekend camping with the love of my life + family, a few nights of getting to sleep in and seeing my little man during his ultrasound next week.

Upcoming Appointments & Events : 
- 20 Week Ultrasound on Tuesday July 14th
- Checkup with my Midwife on Tuesday July 28th

We had a doctors appointment early this afternoon, and all is well! Strong heartbeat and lots of movement.  I couldn't be happier with how well this pregnancy has been going! No complications, no worries and everything has been smooth sailing. {knock on wood}  It has been really nice having the same midwife that I had with Kane, we formed a great bond the first time around so my check ups are more like visiting with a friend! 

Thank you all for following our journey as a young family!  It is so amazing to have such a supportive group of people behind us.

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