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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Baby Time!

It all started on June 24th, I had been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, so Joshua and I went for a 3.5 mile walk around our neighborhood. When we got home, I was in a lot of pain, and so I decided to take a warm bath. I continued having stronger contractions throughout the night. I had been going to the chiropractor a lot throughout my pregnancy, and I went in the morning as I usually would. After leaving the chiropractor, I was having a lot strong contractions, I knew that Kane was going to come very soon.

I went home and started bouncing on an exercising ball. I swear I bounced for 2 hours straight, I was determined to have my baby today! I went to the bathroom and noticed a little liquid, but thought maybe I had just peed a little bit. I called Josh's mom and asked if it could possibly be my water breaking. She told me to call my midwife right away, because he water broke the exact same way! I called in to the midwife office, and sat on hold forever. I ended up hanging up and calling Labor & Delivery! They told me to come in right away because it was more than likely my water and they wanted to check me! We grabbed our bags and left for the hospital! While we were on our way, the on call midwife Bridget (not my midwife) called me and told me to stay home, and that there was no way it was my water. I was devastated. I thought that this was finally it and I was going to get to meet my little boy, and I thought that it was finally time!

I sent my midwife Teresa a message and told her what was going on, and told her I thought my water really had broken but that the on call midwife told me to stay home! The on call midwife ended up calling me back 5 minutes later and told me to come in so that they could just check me to be sure! We got to the hospital, and the my nurse Nikki hooked me up to the monitors and checked me right away!  She told us that the test could take up to 10 minutes to let us know if my water had in fact broken. My test came back positive within 1 minute, its was my water! At that point, Nikki was admitting me to the hospital, I wasn't leaving without my little boy! 

Time seemed to creep by, I wasn't dilating very fast. I was only 1 cm dilated when my water broke at 1pm! Around 9pm I was in such terrible pain. My nurse Nikki had left, and a new nurse Tikki was there helping me through everything. I was frazzled because my midwife wasn't there, and I didn't want to deliver with another midwife! Along with that, I kept butting heads with the on call midwife, she had different views than I did, and she just wouldn't leave me alone. Tikki suggested that I try something for my pain, so that I would at least be comfortable.  My original birth plan was to do everything natural, and use the Mongan Hypno Birthing Method, but I couldn't stand it anymore. The on call midwife checked me, and I was only 2cm dilated. They told me that I could have the epidural then due to my water breaking, but advised me against it because it would slow down my labor! I choose to take some pain medication to help me get some sleep.

I woke up around 3am and the pain medication had worn off completely. I thought that my contractions before were bad, but these were the worst! The on call midwife checked me once again, and this time I was 4cm! I could finally get my epidural without them being as concerned! Around 4am I got my epidural and went back to sleep! 

I remember the nurses waking me up quite a bit to have me shift sides, but wasn't very aware as to why. Around 7am I was woken up, and the on call midwife checked me again. To my surprise, Kane was RIGHT THERE! It was time to push! My midwife was supposed to be at the hospital any minute, so I insisted on waiting until she got there.  The on call midwife convinced me to start pushing, and that my midwife would be there any minute! She ended up leaving as soon as my midwife got there! My midwife called in the NICU team as soon as she got there, but I had NO idea why! I started to panic, and I had no idea what was going on. Was I still going to be able to do immediate skin to skin or delay the cord clamping? I had so many plans, but if there was something wrong with Kane, I wouldn't be able to do any of it.

After 28 minutes of pushing, my beautiful baby boy made his grand appearance. Kane Chaska Michael Coulter was born June 26th, 2014 at 7:41am. He was 6 pounds 1 ounce and was 19.5 inches long! He was born with his cord wrapped around his body, causing his heart rate to jump up and down, but all in all, he was a perfectly healthy and beautiful little man!

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